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Passport renewal requirements at LCS and American Legion

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1.   Proper form: DS-82 adult expired no more than 5 years before, DS-11 child renewal NO FIRST TIME APPLICANTS, DS-11 first time adult renewal (previously had 5 year passport, and is 16 years or older), DS-64 and DS-11 lost or stolen passport.

2.   2 photos 2” x 2” or 5cm x 5 cm (NO GLASSES).

3.   Mexican peso bank check payable to “United States Disbursing Officer on behalf” PESO RATE DETERMINED AND POSTED WEEKEND BEFORE VISIT on Chapala.com (Customs and Immigration), at LCS, at American Legion or by email request: pifernr@gmail.com. US dollar cashiers check payable to “United States Consulate”  DS-82 ($110), DS-11 child renewal($115), DS-11 first time adult ($145) DS=11 & DS-64 lost or stolen ($145). NO CASH, PERSONAL CHECKS OR CREDIT CARDS.

4.   Bring old passport and one photocopy of picture page.

5.   Legion visit starts around 9 am. LCS sign up sheet put out at 10 am. Arrival of Consulate around 11 am and they stay until finished.

6.   Notary $50 USD per impression checks as above and rates posted with passport info


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Yes they keep it and return it along with the new passport. How long  depends on when. Right now holidays will affect the time which is normally 3-4 weeks . 

You will find a lot of information here:






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Just did the passport renewal last week and they give you a choice whether to keep your passport or not.  We kept ours until we go  next month to pick up the new one.  Also, we tried Santander, Bancomer and Banamex.  Banamex was the only bank that would issue the check even though the information we were given gave a list of banks.

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