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 I am coming to lakeside from Canada and wondered if anyone knows of an insurance company that offers travel insurance for dogs.  I would be in the lakeside area for 4 months. I have pet insurance here in Canada but the company , PetPlan , I am with does not insure for Mexico, only Canada and USA.  I can't seem to find any company online that would cover him when we travel to Mexico. 

 I just thought I would post here to see if anyone has had experience getting travel insurance for their dog. 


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Vet services are unbelievably inexpensive in Mexico. The insurance, if you found any, would probably cost you more than having your dog treated for anything.

My vet just dealt with my dog's ear hematoma. First she gave her a sedative, then injected local anesthetic, several shots of it, sterilized the area, made an incision, drained the blood and fluid, cleaned out the already clotted blood, cleaned the entire incision area, gave the dog a shot of antibiotics, gave me a 2 part solution to apply to the area to break down scar tissue, gave me several pain killer pills, and told me to bring the dog back in a week to check the progress. I did that, she cleaned the area again, gave the dog another shot of antibiotics, as the incision hadn't closed yet. Total cost- 900 pesos.

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