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Fudi- Where You are the Chef (a possible new service in Ajijicl


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The business is called Fudi and is the same concept as companies such as Hello Fresh in the U.S. and Europe and Blue Apron. It is for people who enjoy cooking and want to learn to make new recipes or do not enjoy menu planning or prep. I do those for you! Then, I deliver all of the pre-prepped, fresh ingredients in good sized portions with explicit instructions on how to make

Right  now I am really just putting feelers out to see if any of you would enjoy this kind of service. Any feedback would be very helpful.

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Is there a commitment to a minimum number of weekly meals that must be ordered?  Or a minimum number of weeks? 

What about delivery timeframes....is it a tight window or does someone have to be home all day long waiting for the ingredients to be delivered?  

How far in advance are the recipes known to the customer?  How many recipes do you have now and how often do they change?  

I saw this 2018 article about your business (the link is a google English translation).  https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=es&u=https://www.ntrguadalajara.com/post.php%3Fid_nota%3D105695&prev=search

It says there are 5 recipes every week....can you provide the 5 from either last or this week so we can see the type/level of food you are offering?  I would be interested if the recipes are interesting.  

I tried to access the website mentioned in the article but could not connect to it (www.fudi.com.mx); the site is not working.  Are you still in business in Guadalajara?  What is your website?

Will the prices and general delivery practices be the same for Lakeside customers? (quote below is from the site mentioned above).



“If you need five grams of something or balsamic vinegar, what is required for the recipe is included there. Every week there are five new recipes and from what our consumers choose we deliver them on Sundays and Wednesdays so that the products are kept fresh and for people to make their plan of the week, it is an à la carte service ”.

It can be ordered for one person or for a family, the minimum is two portions for home delivery at no cost.

The cost is 99 pesos per person and now the friends gather to prepare their food themselves.




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Hi! Thank you for all of the questions! First let me start with the business in Guadalajara is on hold right now because I is not the right market at the right time. If I have enough interest from the Chapala area I will open it back up and make it bilingual.

There are no minimum orders and contracts. 

What we did in Guadalajara is set 1-2 hour delivery time frames. I am completely open to doing things differently there due to much less traffic.

You see the recipes a full week in advance and I have multiple recipes from our collections that I can share with you. They are in Spanish but you will get the gist. Recipes change weekly and we take recommendations!

Prices and practices would be generally the same but I am adaptable to the needs of the community. 

I plan to be there 2 days next week and am happy to meet and show you recipes or I can post them here. Or both!

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