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In August BBVA began charging me 70 pesos per month for insurance. The stated purpose of the insurance is to protect me against loss if I make a withdrawal and then I am robbed of the money. I never signed up for the insurance it was simply added to my account.

To date I have been unsuccessful in canceling the insurance and getting refund of the charges to my account.
Recently I have learned that I must fill out a form to get the insurance cancelled. However they will not reimburse me for past charges.
I believe it is wrong for BBVA to attach this cost to my account without my knowledge or approval.
Does anyone have a similar experience?
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Possibly you responded to a phone call from BBVA and said "si" to some question like ¿Estoy hablando con John Doe?  Do not answer si answer "soy John Doe".  The problem is there are commissioned salesman that will record the word si and say you authorized the insurance. 

Same problem was happening with Telmex a few years ago.

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