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Truck camper question


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I am permanente and own a Mexican  1/2 ton truck.

My brother in the US owns a truck camper. 

I want to borrow the camper to use on my truck.

Dose a truck camper require a TIP just like a vehicle ? If so then will my brother need to come with me to get the TIP or is there a loophole for truck campers that allows me to bring it in under my name as a permanente ? 

If the truck camper not subject to TIP like vehicles ( no wheels after all ), is it subject to other importation fees ?



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I heard of this 'problem' back several years ago. As usual it was a misinterpretation of the law being carried out by some Agents at some border crossings. I suspect that this has been corrected.... 1-ton trucks being allowed in again..... as I have not seen a peep about it on the Internet for over 2 years. If it were a problem there would still be current Posts that Google would find, but there are NOT. Nothing past 2017 when the problem first rose its ugly head.




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On 11/4/2019 at 10:19 PM, RickS said:

Any particular crossing or just random?


Nogales and Anzalduas are 2 I have heard about. 

Some people try to do the online application.  I have read that they are unable to complete the application because they are checking the GVW using the VIN.

Earlier this week I spoke with a man that got a TIP at Colombia for an ex U-Haul F450 box van moving to Lakeside.

As usual in Mexico, it is hit and miss.  The law is decided by the person you need the permit from.

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