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Feed back on security meeting


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1 hour ago, HarryB said:
Beware deliverymen. Don't be fooled by uniforms and official looking vehicles. Confirm all specific entries.  Armed home invasions are on the rise using the above to gain entry .

So, Harry, was that the gist of the meeting?  Beneficial info but....

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Frankly, announcing an important security meeeting via a forum a day or two before the meeting may not be the best way to have people show up.. First of all, is there an increase in the armed robbery and home invasions? I do ot think we heard much about it and then an mportant meeting is called.. no announcement ahead of time by any official.. No wonder no one is taking it seriously... Do not blame the expats for that one..

Thank you Harry for the warning..

By the way a man calling himself Carlos called my husband several times in the last 2 weeks .. He said he was a worker from Chapala who worked at our house and that we owed him money and said he would be coming by and we ha to give him our bank card number..My husband was confused as I have a friend called Carlos. but he is no worker and livedsin CDMX.. I told my husband to hang up.. but the guy was insisting on coming by.. he finally gave up  Probably another scam ging around.

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1 hour ago, Kiko said:

Maybe those who attended the meeting were kidnapped. 

Yeah, like they sometimes lure people with warrants outstanding to attend a "free food" meeting. Call a "security meeting" and then hold all the attendees for ransom. You're way ahead of me Kiko, wish I'd thought of it first.

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I hesitate to respond this given the kind and generous responses I've received in the past.  In particular I would appreciate a non-response from:

Fred Habacht
More Liana

So I went to the meeting last night.  I don't think they (the city
representatives) wanted an open meeting.  The reason I say this is
because about a week earlier a policeman knocked on my door and asked
if I was the president of our frac.  I wasn't, but I signed for the
invitation anyway and said I would deliver it to him.  He was out of
town, so I went in his stead.  As far as I could tell, the people
attending were mostly other frac presidents/board members and local
business owners.  They had about 100 chairs set up and about 100
people showed up.

The meeting started pretty close to on time, around 5:10PM.  It
started with the mayor explaining how seriously the government takes
people's security.  Mostly just 10 minutes of platitudes.  There was a
representative of the state police who spoke for a few minutes,
basically more platitudes.  Then the microphone was turned over the
the people attending.  My Spanish could not keep up with the native
speakers, but there was one gentleman who had a hard time speaking
because he was overcome by emotion.  I believe he was one of the
victims of the home invasion.  The president of La Floresta used the
occasion to speak directly to the mayor, saying he had tried for
months to arrange a meeting with him, to no avail.  He suggested that
La Floresta would pay to outfit and pay the salaries of two police
units whose job would be to protect the La Floresta inhabitants.  I
believe he was told that the city is not allowed to do this, but the
guy from the state police said he may be able to arrange it and that
they should talk later. An English speaker spoke passionately about
living here for twenty years and this being the first time he was
frightened.  Apparently an organized crime element has moved into the
area and they are involved in the uptick in assaults, burglaries, and
robberies taking place these days.  Someone, perhaps the same guy,
told about the deliveryman ruse mentioned above.

I stayed for about an hour and twenty minutes, and would have stayed
longer if they were serving margaritas 😉 but all they had was water and
coffee.  I recorded everything while I was there, though I can't vouch
for the quality of the recording.  It is available here if you are

Best wishes,

Henry Laxen



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The original state plan was to meet with 15 community leaders and their guests. Those included Fraccs, businessmen, and organizations. All seemed to be well represented.

The meeting was two hours with many from the community speaking. Dale took many note and will certainly give a detailed report. The mexican papers were also present.


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