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Utility trailer license


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We have a small (4 x 8) utility trailer that we brought from the states 15 years ago.  Ten years ago we got Mexican plates for it.  After getting the plates, we stopped using it very much and parked it in a corner.

Now we need a trailer.  So we pulled it out, refurbished it, replaced the wood flooring etc. and went off to Chapala to update the plates. WOAH!  Big surprise!  We will have to pay for every year between now and when we originally had it licensed. That comes to just over $12,000 pesos.  AND we're told that if we take it anywhere with the expired plates, we can be stopped and they will seize the trailer AND the truck pulling it.

We don't intend to go outside this area.  We'll be hauling hay and sand etc. as needed around the north shore.  Would it help to go to Jocotepec, where we got the original plates?  Can they really take our truck because of expired plates on the trailer?  I can't find any information on regs regarding small trailers.

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