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On-Demand Water Heater Needs Repairs


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If you posted which brand of the on demand water heater you have then you might get some relevant replies.  Plumbers in general at lakeside are familiar with tank type (deposito) water heaters that basically have only one part, the combination gas valve with pilot.  Simple.  On demand heaters are a good choice in some applications but not all.

On demand heaters are far more complicated with pressure switches, thermal switches, reduced flow ports, electronic pilots, computer chips, and/or batteries etc.  To add to the confusion, there are dozens of models and brands manufactured in China and then rebranded for export.  To further add to that confusion is that many brands are frequently upgraded with little or no parts availability for past models.  To further add to that confusion, we have tinaco low pressure systems in Mexico along with pressurized systems with pumps.  To further add to that confusion is if you are using untreated hard water, then be prepared for frequent maintenance.  All of these issues make diagnostics far too complicated for the average plumber at lakeside.   

Technical assistance may be available per the manufacturer via email.  Off the top of my head, I would think the tier one products like Bosch, Calorex, or Rheem would have a solid technical support network.  Hopefully your problem will be a simple fix, 

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OregontoChapala and others. MANY TIMES people here THINK a handyman can fix things. NOT SO NOR WILL THEY ADMIT IT! Many business men in similar fields don't know anything about the other such as I had a Water Pressure system put in and then later a Water Filtering system WHICH THE 2 DIFFERENT PLUMBERS DID NOT KNOW (nor did I) that the Filtering system could have been jammed despite being very new. (it was and only less than 2 weeks old!) So they (new plumbers, 2 different at different times) screwed with my on-demand which now the filter guy cleaned the filters and now I have lots of pressure, lots of water but no hot water (on demand. Both different guys and both tinkered with the on demand not knowing about the filtration system. Hey- I expect people to know about possible problems not leaving me in a mess. Many business answer and say they will get back to you. BEYOND stressed. Have a guy coming in tomorrow who specialized in on demand. If you get one AND get a pressure system and a filtration system I suggest you do research. I HADN'T A CLUE THIS WAS SO CONFUSING to me as WELL AS PROFESSIONAL PLUMBERS NOT KNOWING THESE 3 COMPONENTS OF GOOD WATER HERE. Sorry about the writing spelling and more. Too tired and no help. Hope the guy shows & knows his stuff tomorrow! 

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If water is going in, and out, of the on-demand unit as Joy mentions, then the main things to check, in order of ease and likelihood, are:

1 - gas supply is connected and flowing OK

2 - controls are set so that the unit calls for heat when there is water flow   (some have individual flame and flow controls, others just one dial or digital setting)

3 - that the spark or pilot light is working   (some are flow driven, some use batteries, some are plug-in now)

4 - that the thermostat is OK

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