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"Thrill the World" TODAY! :)

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Friendly reminder for those who wish to see the Ajijic Horde of Zombies march and dance today as we participate in the Annual "Thrill the World" Event.  The Zombies will leave the Ajijic Cultural Center at 4 pm and parade down Colon and the Ajijic Malecon tossing candy and posing for photos.  We'll perform on the basketball court at exactly 5:00 pm C.S.T. so our Event qualifies for participation in the worldwide Flashmob.  It only lasts 6 minutes, so don't arrive late, LOL.  Afterwards, we'll parade to Seis Esquinas and perform "Thriller" again for the locals there.  Someone has kindly donated ice cream and water for the event at Seis Esquinas.  Many thanks to this wonderful anonymous donor.  We'll return to the Ajijic Malecon to enjoy a delicious specially catered meal by Hector and Manix Restaurant.  I believe one can purchase tickets at "the door".  There will be dinner and dancing available.  All profits go to Cruz Roja to support their efforts to improve the crumbling infrastructure of the building in Chapala.  It's my understanding that the building is sinking.  

Please support your favorite Zombie(s) by making a donation with them or drop some pesos into the buckets volunteers will have at the Event.  All support is greatly appreciated.


Zombie Val  :)

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