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How long to get temporary resident card

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I'm sure this has probably been covered and I'm sure there are probably variables but I couldn't find anything that's current.

I will be going to the Vancouver BC Mexican Consulate on Nov 20th to get my temporary resident visa. Then I will be driving down to Chapala at the beginning of January to arrive the 13th. I did tell the consulate the date I would be leaving for Mexico. 

 I am wondering how long it takes to get the residency card after I visit the INM. I will be staying at my new home till the beginning of April before I head home. 

 Before someone says that I can stay there with a tourist visa, I know that but I can't get a bank account and it's much easier to get other utility accounts. Also after this winter I plan on staying at my place for more than 6 months each year. 

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. 

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I think it is usually 4-6 weeks. However, I found a Mexican  immigration lawyer in San Diego who can get them in three weeks, for a fee of course, and you don't have to even be in Mexico! We used his service, because we want to set up insurance, bank account, and start looking at property, but we can't stay in Mex. for 4-6 weeks currently. Waiting for house to sell. 

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Thanks mudgirl double checking with me.   I know I don't get the card at the Consulate in Vancouver.  That's why I wrote temporary resident visa.

If it's only 4-6 weeks I should be ok because I will there a minimum of 11-12 weeks. 

Thanks again  

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You will receive a tramite letter from INM, in Mexico, which will have a website and password for you to follow the process, and their instructions for repeated visits to their office.  It could take longer that you expect, and there is no way to rush it along.  So, be prepared to stay in Mexico until it is completed.  Patience is a virtue in Mexico.  In an emergency, you might ask INM for a letter, for a fee, permitting you to exit and re-enter, but it will have a limit of 60 days outside of Mexico.  If you violate any of the procedures or requirements, your visa will be void; no refunds, and you will have to depart immediately and start again.

That's just the way it is. After all; it is a residence visa, not a tourist permit.

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2 hours ago, mudgirl said:

JGiff-  It's still called a Temporary resident visa when you get the card. That's the residency status- Temporal. What you get at the consulate is called a pre-approval.

My Bad   Thanks for the explanation.  The websites I was looking at were saying the consulate gives you a temporary visa and then go get a temporary card.  I didn't realize it was still called a visa.   

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