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If you go to Seguro popular, please be considerate and follow the rules. There are signs on the wall in front of the vaccination clinic that very clearly state you are to have a copy of your poliza (policy) with you. While some expats may have gotten their vaccination without one, why should we be any different than Nationals who present theirs? I went to the clinic without my policy thanks to someone's advice that it was unnecessary and will now need to return a second time, policy in hand, to receive my vacuna.

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17 minutes ago, Al Berca said:

If one needs to prove membership in SP, how can it be “free for all”?

Simple. You need to sign up for it at their office.  It may or may not be "free" depending on your circumstances.  Whichever it is, when you sign up, you are given papers to show you are a member.  Same as practically everything else, si?

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30 minutes ago, Al Berca said:

It has always been free for all, but now people are being sent home to return with proof of membership?

That hasn't been our experience in Chapala. They asked no questions about affiliation. 

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