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6 hours ago, Ferret said:

The "Kensington" at $23.62 looks to be very similar (better) than the one I had in Canada before we came in 1998, brought with me, and am still using to this day!!  Have had to do some repairs to one side arm and couple of times, but happy to see I can replace if the last repair doesn't stand up!!

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Unless "W" used a different  "Juan Carlos", that is an unfair judgment of his work.  He made our entire kitchen cabinetry and solid core hardwood doors around ten years ago and did a beautiful, long lasting job for a reasonable price.  Since NOTHING is "square" in our ancient house, that's saying something.  We have had many compliments on the results.  The number I have for him is 331-357-5637

If anyone is contemplating hiring a carpenter and would like to see what he has done here, feel free to contact me for an appt.

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37 minutes ago, Wait. What? said:

EVERYTHING JUan CARLOS did for me SUCKED and had to be redone!  The man can’t even measure!  Plus he destroyed more than he fixed!  Broken tiles and masonry.  Cheap cheap parts he charges a fortune for.  He has no business calling himself a carpenter!  He’s simply terrible!

I am wondering why anyone would continue to use a worker when he had to redo EVERYTHING because the worker SUCKED at EVERYTHING. I mean the worker SUCKED at measuring and used cheap cheap parts and charged a fortune for EVERYTHING. As he worked he destroyed more than he fixed. So, just how many jobs did he do before you noticed he couldn’t measure, was destroying more than he fixed, overcharged for cheap parts, and was simply terrible? 

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