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curtain rods

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1 hour ago, Bisbee Gal said:

The curtain maker shop opposite Guadalajara Farmacia on Encarnación Rosas in Ajijic.  

And the name of the store is Jazmin and is directly behind Actinver. The owner's name is Mari Chuy (pronounced Chewie) but she is usually out and about doing quotes for draperies. I have her cell number at home but not with me since I'm in Canada. She can get you whatever you need if it's out of stock in the store so ask for her cell number.

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Guest English Rose
11 hours ago, Love_the_Thai said:

I am looking for a place to buy curtain rods.  The black, wrought iron looking ones with the fancy ends.  Does anyone know where I might purchase these?

A block and a half east, toward Chapala, from Super Lake there is a church, then New Look Studios hair salon and within a door or two there is the iron work shop. His wares are out front and I have had work done there without problems. The nice part is that you tell him what you want, size and type of iron you want him to use.....made to order. 😁

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