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Found German Shepherd

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I  have made a few phones to Vet ..got   no's  from: Luis, Memo, Berenice, Pet Care in Riberas, and 'don't think  so'  from Pepe. and the person who answered the cell #  at the Ladron office was not in the office  when I spoke to her - would have to check  records tomorrow..  This may help you some from  driving around  tomorrow..

 but  possibly located the spay Vet. - . Hector Ramize Hernandez  [ 331  007  0524 ] . He said he has done a surgery on a female Shepperd. I explained  a search was on to find the dog's owner. as it was found but had no collar or ID tag... I asked him if he had records - info about the owner, he  said he did not .  I told him if the owner comes in to talk with him about the female surgery,  I asked him to  have the owner call The  Ranch,  as I did not have your phone number  - sorry did not think to say look at the webboard .   Good Luck.

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I wonder if the people in La Floresta who recently lost their dog would like for whoever sees her to just leave her out in the street to maybe get attacked or run over.  Or, maybe the people that lost their baby at Furry Friends would want some one in that neighborhood to just let their dog try to find it's home 

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It's a hard call to make. I know Vivian and trust her judgement. Is this a dog at risk or a family pet who has wandered off? That's why we suggest posters, neighborhood children , social media... A large dog can travel a long distance if it chasing something or lost. If it is just out wandering the neighborhood, someone who knows the dog or its owners are likely to see a poster.

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Like Mt  Mama , I know Vivien, she has lived here for many years and very involved with dogs and she is not a novice or  amateur in this area of whether to take a dog  in or not....                she would not 'take in' a dog if it were not indicated.

She has checked out the found area, and there are  no   'lost' posters in the area... .   Vivien  has already put up 'found' posters as well  as checking local Vet  in hopes some Vet would recognize this dog.  What is of good cause for concern, this  dog has had recent surgery with sticthes intact and a potential for infection if she were out there on her own trying to survive...

Quite honestly,  it is a bit of a romatic notion that all lost dogs can find their way home, like in the Lassie movies.. Somedogs , as bright as  we think they are,  just can not do that, as much as we would hope that our lost dog would make a bee-line back home.. I had one get out.. lost for days.. even  though she had had walks around where she lived, once she was out on her own, her homing GPS  sklls were nil...she was terrified, running in a scattered way , trying to hide from unknown scary things, dealing with weather unprotected from rain/thunder/lightening,   and etc.. someone did find my girl, take her in and and because  she had a collar and ID tag on, the person called me and she returned home .. and for that  I was  and am thankful.

With no ID on this dog, it is a challenge to find it's owner, but Vivien is working very hard to make this re-union happen.

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2 hours ago, vivien said:

 The shepherd was reunited with her family tonight., contact was made through a local vet posting on FB. It was a joyous reunion for the family and the dog. Hopefully they will get her an ID tag now.

That's a happy ending. But I'm curious- was the dog actually far from home where you found her, or was she in her own neighborhood, just out for a stroll, and would likely have gone home if left to her own devices? My dog has a collar but no tags (she has had at times, but she somehow always manages to lose them) and wanders around my countryside neighborhood all the time, has done since she was a pup and she's now 12. I would be livid if someone took her home simply because she had no tags.

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