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Recycling Ajijic Fiesta @ LCS! Sat Oct 5th

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From Charitable Events, should be an super informative and productive day, with fun events and great things to win and bid on:

STI is providing a 16,000 peso solar hot water system or equal credit value,  to support the event....FYI for those many recent posters who are interested in saving $$ and saving the environment!

Many other great things - see link below.....and.....

Kudos to the Ajijic Recycling Committee and the LCS as the site for putting this together.


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Also FYI, today Oct 2nd is "Energy Efficiency Day", a nice connection for this week's events.


One local gent is celebrating by using, for the 1st time today,  brand new lithium ion battery technology to replace the old, heavy, maintenance intensive lead acid ones, in a golf cart at the Chapala Country Club.      Great performance and about 300 pounds of "weight loss".    😉 

PM or email me, to be on the list for any details and updates about that.

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Off subject but the bins that we as a community paid for in La Christina haven't been emptied in three weeks and folks are telling me that they are going to begin giving the recyclables  to the trash guys again  as they are tired of seeing the mess at the beginning of our community.

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Mexilady .. please don't give up on us .. this problem (burying plastics and contaminating the seas and ground waters with plastics) has been a long time developing .. and it is going to take at least a little time to remedy.  We are the Citizens Committee, all volunteers, you as a citizen did you part in donating these 3 'cestos' ..  most of the separation is done by volunteers, the shipments of the sorted material is done by my company truck and employee .. 90% of this program is citizen operated .. the ONLY part we still cannot handle is the pick up and that is where the government is handling it .. they are not keeping up with the tremendous success that the program has had .. it is very impressive to me to see how much plastic, glass and cardboard is being diverted from the dump and turned into useable material again (recycled). We have sold over 30 tons of material since last December.. 30 tons!  What we urgently need is our own truck and crew to keep up with the collection .. at the upcoming event on Sat Oct 5 .. we just might be able to raise enough $$ to buy the truck .. then we need drivers .. little by little Mexilday we, the citizen volunteers are trying hard to solve this problem .. your patience is very much appreciated .. I will notify the government people responsible for picking up in your area to remind them again of your cestos and plead with them not to forget your area. I encourage you to join us Sat and/or send friends to show the government how important this program is to us .. I am determined to make this program work for my daughter and grandson who will have to live in this environment we destroyed during our productive years .. this is the telephone number at the Ajijic Delegation : 766-1760, they are the ones who schedule the pick up truck .. perhaps a little citizen input there might be effective .. they are short handed and the truck they use has other functions within their daily routine..  Tom Thompson

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Great work Tom and the whole Recycling Committee team.

As he says.…."It Takes A Village"......

Please go to the LCS on Saturday, to enjoy the event, info, free foods, music, entertainment, and to take advantage of all the great deals on offer which will raise more $$ to keep supporting these good efforts and results.

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