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Just started this book. It is about forests and trees. It has over 500 pages, it won a pulitzer as well as the man-booker prize in 2018. It means a lot to me. I grew up in the forests, lakes, rivers and mountaintops of Northern Canada. Here, I live in the forest, on three sides.

amazon books overstory.

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3 hours ago, gringohombre said:

How many forests and trees were sacrificed to print all those books? Don't worry, I will make up for it since I only use Kindle. 

I wouldn't worry too much. PEW recently updated their "Who doesn’t read books in America?" survey. Last year they found that 24% of American adults hadn't read a single book the previous year, this year that figure has risen to 27%. In 2011 it was 19%.

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14 minutes ago, CHILLIN said:

Justin Trudeau has promised to plant 2 billion trees over ten years if re-elected. Lots of opportunities for Mexican contractors. Canadians don't want this hot, backbreaking work.

I just read that Jim Bakker (yes, that Jim Bakker) has claimed that Jesus Somebody will return within the next 10 years to set everything aright. So just sit back and avoid books. A wonder, isn't it, how so often doing nothing is the right course to take when in dire straits?

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