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Where can I find Mexican style dinnerware?

Susy Wilson

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Wondering if anyone can tell me where I might find some Mexican style dinnerware? I know I can buy dishes at Walmart but I would sure prefer not to. I know beautiful pottery dishware will be more expensive but that is fine with me:-) Is that something I could find if I went to Tonala or Talquepaque or is there any where lakeside I could find something like this? 

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Agree on shop in Chapala, but also look at Talavera Shop in SAT that is across from Panino's;  he has full dish sets as well as unique serving dishes, and odds and ends like coffee cups, s&p shakers, butter dishes, lots of one-offs.  Wonderful owner, Poncho.  This is the shop east of Super Lake (there is another one west of Super Lake but we found them much higher priced on same/similar items.  

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FYI, both the local shops can order whatever you want from Delores Hidalgo as that is where their stock comes from.  We went to DH twice but frankly the stores are a little pushy to make a sale.  The mark-up at Poncho's shop is very reasonable and saves a trip if you aren't interested in the drive.  It's a 4 1/2 hour drive to DH, by the way. 

Years ago the Chapala shop had a catalog to order from.  Not sure if Poncho does, but if you find a pattern on the internet that you like, take a picture/website and he will find it in DH for you.  He got a hand-painted mural made for us in DH, based on a photo we gave him of a piece of art.  

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46 minutes ago, MichaelB said:

Be prepared to pay " Gringo Tax " if purchased Lakeside. Everything here cost so much more. Because everyone sees the gringos as walking money bags.

When I was last there, the shop in CHapala across from City Hall had prices marked on the items. Unless they ran around and changed all the tags when I walked through the door, no "Gringo tax". Maybe just for you.

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We've had a set of twelve settings for six years that we've been warehousing in our china cabinet.

They're from Tonala with the classic beige background and a green cactus and mother and young child depicted. They are not talavera.

PM me if interested.


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We have this nice set for sale 57 pieces for $1800p.

7 Dinner Plates

7 Smaller Plates

7 Salad Plates

2 Platters

4 Large Bowls

3 Small Oval Bowls

1 Gravy Dish + Spoon.

Butter Dish with Lid

5 Bowls

3 Smaller Bowls

1 Large Pitcher.

6 Coasters

6 Tumblers

4 Coffee Mugs



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