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Please pm me if this is your dog or if you know the owner.  He is very gentle, gets along with dogs and people, house trained, eats dog food, very loving but also a bit scared ....his back legs are stiff like maybe he was injured before but doesn't seem to be in any pain now.


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What neighborhood? Take a look at the lost & found pet article pinned at the top of this section. Often when a dog looks that well cared for, it is someone's pet and it has wandered off. If you put it back on the street, it will wander back home.

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MtnMama, I realize this but this dog was so exhausted it could hardly walk.  It was hungry and thirsty and scared (not of me but just in general).  I know this is someone's pet but it will not leave my yard except to go into the house.  It follows me except when I go out of the gate.  He is very heavy and I can not make him move when he doesn't want to.  He is used to sleeping in someone's bed as that is the first thing he did when he entered the bedroom for the night ... hop on the bed.  I immediately had him hop off and onto a very comfy dog bed as my 3 do sleep with me a lot of the time and there just is not room for 4 in a full size bed.  I will be knocking doors in Upper Chula Vista (the neighborhood) on Friday as I have other previous obligations for tomorrow.  I am praying that someone didn't dump him and then he tried to keep up with the car and became almost lame and exhausted.  I have seen this happen several times over the past years.

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