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22 hours ago, slainte39 said:

Isn´t that more like what is called a "false friend" rather than a "false cognate"?  Like the adjective "embarazada" and "embarrassed" which is commonly misunderstood around here. Also "parientes" and  "parents".

As a former language teacher, I tend to use the tern "false cognate," but I don't think there is a difference between a "false cognate" and a "false friend.".  Maybe the term "false friend" is more easily understood by people as the word "cognate" might be a more technical linguistic term and therefore is not necessarily known to those who haven't studied a second language.  https://www.lingualift.com/blog/false-friends-cognates/

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I see your point, but I remember being taught that there was a difference.

False cognates had a common or similar etymological ancestry, whereas false friends did not.

Makes for a lively and colorful bar room debate.    :D:D:D……...Better than politics.

Irish has a lot of false cognates but not many false friends…….Wait!!!  Are we still talking about words?

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