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10 hours ago, slainte39 said:

Too lazy to change the damned keyboard from English to Spanish, as I have to do every.time I open it up.   Grrrr

But you are correct, just as García requires that accent. Strong vowel A combined with weak vowel I is considered one vowel and syllable in Spanish,  unless the weak vowel is accented.

I should add that that the accent divides the last syllable into two syllables hence the rule of stress on the next to last syllable.

In this case, it's the rule that where there is a written accent is where the stress falls in the word.  

Look at this one--that follows BOTH rules: 
Singular: imagen  (Follows rule of stress on the next-to-last syllable because the word ends in 'n')
Plural: imágenes (Follows rule of stress where the accent is, in order to maintain correct pronunciation of the singular 'imagen')

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