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Share ride wanted to Houston


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18 hours ago, Bisbee Gal said:

Volaris lowest one way in October is 2,210 pesos, non-stop just over 2 hours.   Per Google maps, the drive time is 17 hours so the driver may want to stay in hotel one night...adding to ride share cost.  

Thank you.  I used to fly Volaris and learned to hate it, but will consider it again as it will only be one way and I seldom need to go to the US. 

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We just made a round trip to Seattle on Volaris.  Just a couple of things ... take your own water and snacks.  You have to purchase everything.  Also, when we were in Seattle we stopped and bought ourselves a cushion for the flight back as there was very little cushion in the seat.  Ours was a 5 hour flight and the one to Houston is only a little over 2 hours so it might not be that big of a deal.  

We drive to Houston from time to time.  We don't drive at night ... and we don't drive over 8 hours so we wind up spending the night 2 nights .. one in Matehuala and one in Laredo.  The toll roads are also pretty expensive and then there is gas and food.

Think a Volaris flight would be a better deal if you don't need a car.

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