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traveling to mexico as a temporary resident

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I have a mexico temporary residency card, and I live part-time in California and part time in Mexico.

I am flying to Puerta Vallarta from San Diego, and am a bit confused about the process of entering and exiting Mexico in a way that I don't lose my residency status. I know I am not supposed to be processed as a tourist, as that will override my resident status.

Can someone confirm that my understanding is correct about what I will do? My understanding is then when I'm in flight to Mexico, I will be given the FMM form.

I should complete the top portion, making sure I select "other" as purpose of trip, and include the number on my resident card in the portion on the top that says "No. de Tarjeta".

Then, when I land, I should go in the line for Mexico citizens/residents. I need to make sure the immigration officer selects the "Tarjeta Residente" box in the USO Oficial part.

Then, when I depart from the Puerta Vallarta airport to go back to San Diego, I give the immigration officer the bottom part of the FMM form and make sure "other" is checked for purpose of trip and again make sure the immigration officer selects the "Tarjeta Residente" box.

Is this correct?

Many thanks.

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You should have the top (or large) part of the FMM from when you exited Mexico. You would hand that to migracion along with you passport and Residente card when you enter Mexico.

When you exit you need to fill out a new FMM and turn the bottom section (small) when you exit retaining the large for your next entry into Mexico. Write in bold letters RESIDENTE TEMPORAL on the top of both sections.

If you have lost then fill out a new one on the plane. Separate the top from the bottom and hand the new one to Migracion. Also write RESIDENTE TEMPORAL in bold letters on the top of form.  

When you exit Mexico get a new FMM and fill out the top an bottom. You can leave the dates blank on the top section. Turn in the bottom section when you exit and save the top portion for when you return. 

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Hello mostly lost,

I never exited Mexico by plane so I don’t have an Fmm form to provide when I land in Puerta Vallarta. I always travel by car between San Diego and Rosarito so I don’t need a fmm for that. Given this, do I proceed with the same steps I outlined in my post? And should I list Mexico as my country of residence on top part of form? Thanks! 

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sls- Yes, all you said in your original post is correct. Hnad the INM agent your resiency card along with your passport and filld out form. And it doesn't matter that you left by car and are flying back- just fill out the FMM on the plane (actually when I flew down a couple months ago, the airline said Mexico hadn't given them any forms, so people had to fill them out on arrival). INM doesn't relly cr that the top and bottom halves of the form don't match, so you dn't need to concern yourself with that.

And I don't think it really matters which line up you go into at the airport- I've gone through any of them- if you get in the citizens and residents line-up and another booth becomes free, they'll just direct you there anyway.

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I just landed in Puerta Vallarta, got in line for Mexicans and had my completed FMM form. Immigration took whole form from me and said I don’t need bottom half because I’m a temporary resident, not visitor. I was surprised by this but he insisted. So now I have no portion of the form for my return back to the US. Will I need to complete a FMM form for flight back to states? If so, do I just complete the bottom half of a brand new form I get from the airport? I’m not planning any return flights to Mexico (since I drive between San Diego to Rosarito) so I hope my indefinite “absence” from Mexico won’t be a problem. Any counsel appreciated. Many thanks.

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