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I have had that flight. I usually drive and stay at the Holliday Inn have good meal at Chili'smaybe a beer or 10. I park at Cheapopark or something  like that. 99 pesos a day plus car wash the day you return plus fast trip to airport. .  Copa is usually a little less strict on airport arrival. However I always use the VIP lounges. Usually good food and coffee and whatever you want comfortable chairs, connections for devices fast WiFi. If you go to Panama and have at least 3 hours or more the Copa lounge in Panama has everything including showers. Fly first class and the Copa lounge is free. I use Priority Pass for lounges.

Use offer code for 10% off your first year. MGM16PIN

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20 hours ago, bojackson said:

I have the dreaded 5:59 a.m. flight on 9/2 from GDL to San Jose, CR via Panama City.  Just wondering if two hours before departing flight is sufficient or should I allow more time?    Also would appreciate the number of the Miramontes? for an early morning ride to the airport.  Thanks.  

Don't forget you have to run down the IMN agent to get an exit paper and fill it our and get it stamped. They are there at 03:30 mas or minus.

Miramontes family business: 

Miramontes family 766-1142
Francisco 045-333-157-8060
Paco 045-331-303-4298
Luis 045-331-307-8289
Miguel 045-331-095-2185
Paulo 045-331-171-0639

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