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1 hour ago, willtravel said:

A friend is moving Zapotiltic, about 1.5 hours away, and looking for a moving company.  It needs to be one that can handle moving furnishing for a hugh house.   Any recommendations is appreciated. 

Strom white movers. 

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SEYMI, headquarters in Guadalajara.  They're the best in Mexico and can handle anything.  They've moved my house twice, with no damage and nothing missing.  Total professionals, they will go to your home and give you a written estimate.  They will pack everything for you and unpack it at your destination, if you need or want that service.  Their office personnel speaks English, if you need that.  They are not inexpensive but they are worth it for your security and protection.


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11 hours ago, bigd said:

What abut long distance moves for example Guadalajara to Tijuana/  who would you call??

SEYMI.  I would never call anyone but SEYMI.  They would definitely provide what one needs for a move to Tijuana.

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