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Police activity at the Malecon


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We were just there, about 30 mins ago, where police had part of the Malecon taped off. Forensics team brought a body bag and they pulled a man's body from the lake. Felt so bad for a lady there who was sobbing, and for her family/friends who were also there. A sad scene. I read yesterday that a man went missing along the shore when he went into the water to rescue his son, who was in difficulty... wondering if this is the man. I'm sure we'll get more news with details later.  😢 

By the way, I understand that crime reporting is not permitted here, but thought this wasn't necessarily a crime. If this post is over the line, please feel free to delete, and accept my apologies.

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Ajijic, near the Pier.  Here is the story; not a crime just a sad accident.  


This is a google translation.

They locate the body of a drowned male in Lake Chapala. 0
Firemen of the State Unit of Civil Protection and Firemen of Chapala with the support of divers recovered the body of a man after he will be reported missing since Thursday when he entered Lake Chapala.

The deceased was identified as a neighbor of Tlajomulco, who, in the company of a young man, entered Lake Chapala to do sport fishing, but could no longer leave.

Witnesses were those who gave the report to the authorities of two people who were drowning in the vicinity of the place, upon arrival the rescuers realized that they were neighbors of Ajijic who gave the support, however one person was not located.

The same Thursday began the work of searching for the male, however, they were suspended at nightfall and resumed this morning with the support of State Civil Protection divers.

Today at approximately 11:20 when rescuers managed to find the body, which was meters away from the Ajijic pier.


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Those of us who were there in 2002-2004 or so know very well how much "stuff" was out there during the very low water years that was then covered up. There was a 9 hole golf course in front of San Antonio built by the local caddies as just one example. Plenty of barbed wire fences were there as cattle and horses grazed there. The edge of the lake was around a kilometer out from the Ajijic pier. There were 3 dirt roads, one of which you could drive all the way to SJC back when many people thought the lake was going to disappear. You could drive down to the lake at Bajio and enjoy a not-so-legal restaurant for steaks, etc. and a moonlight horse ride if that was your thing. Maybe others can add to what I remember.

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I remember all the rumors about how and who could get the Federal Concession to use all that land that is now underwater. Most folks just went ahead and built what they wanted, where they wanted it.

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