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Tex-Mex is Back!


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Next time I go I will give Robert some Monterrey Jack cheese for the enchiladas. 

For those who may not know, Robert's mom, Elena, died about 3 months ago. The location was where her house was.

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13 hours ago, Wookie said:

I did think we had waited a couple of weeks.  We were not disturbed at having to wait as we knew it was a new endeavor and was willing to give them the benefit of having kinks.  What I am saying is that this is not Tex-Mex food for anyone going there expecting Tex-Mex.  You don't make cheese enchiladas with dry, flaky cheese that doesn't melt....you just don't.  Now, if you like that kind of cheese in your enchiladas you will be absolutely ecstatic because it is plentiful.

I will repeat that the guacamole was excellent, the service from the waiters was great, the ice tea was very good.  I don't like runny beans and cold dry Mexican rice.  Now, those two things may be tweaked and it might be a one time thing ... However, the recipes for the enchiladas may not change but then again we will try them in a month or so and see if time has changed the recipes.

I was not trying to be as negative as it sounded ... just wanting people to know that though you may love the food, it isn't Tex-Mex!  

An enchilada is a Mexican thing, not a "Tex Mex" thing, as you point out. And a place that can't get rice right, right out of the gate? So far the one thing they seem to have going for them is good salsa. Which I can get anywhere. I'll be waiting to see what happens.

I do appreciate all the reports, though.

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On 8/13/2019 at 2:27 PM, tomgates said:

Eleana's on corner of Zaragoza and Aquiles Seradan. Good salsas, great menu, cloth napkins. Beer and wine now and liquor permit applied for. Fits a niche that El Serape long abandoned. Open 7 days, 10-10.

Which corner Tom?

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FYI, here's their ad from FB.  Note it does not say Tex-Mex, says Comida Mexicana. 

ELENA's " Restaurant & Bar En Mi Lindo Ajijic " 
Lo Mejor En Comida Mexicana 
We Are Open !!!
Aquiles Serdán # 14 
Esquina con Zaragoza 
Toda La Semana de 10:00 AM a 10:00 PM.
Calidad , Servicio y Precio 

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Well, there you go!!  Thanks for that information, Bisbee Gal, because this is exactly what the food is ... comida Mexicana.  Similar to other Mexican restaurants here and if that is what people are going there to experience they will have a great time.  We had not seen the FB page and was going by the recommendation on this Board that called it Tex-Mex and our taste buds were soooooooooo ready for some.  I have been told that Mexicans do serve their food lukewarm to cold but I have not had that experience in a very long time.  So, this is probably the real deal.


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I thought what  Wookie reported about her experience was fair, even understnding of the situation the owners had that evening. If the food was cold, it was cold--Wookie was tolerant, the owners apologetic and quick to respond. And, she says, it isn't Tex-Mex, and sounds like it isn't. A helpful review in my opinion.


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