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This past Saturday was my first time at the Center since July 6.  Some of our regular volunteers have been 'holding down the fort' while I was away.  

There were 11 of you this week who showed up to help out the program, thanks so much.
                                ¡¡ BREAKING NEWS !!
We are once again inundated with plastics and glass. Due to the rains, our cardboard inflow has dwindled .. (people don't seem to understand that putting it out the night before almost guarantees it will be spoiled by the rain) but not the other materials they are pouring it at record levels. 
Our little village of Ajijic wants to recycle!!
As a result of several factors we are once again in need of a grand effort to get the materials under control.  
Since we don't have our own truck yet, we have counted on the Bazar truck to take material to market in Guadalajara.. that's fine with me but I do have other business for my truck to attend to and it has gotten difficult to devote 2 or three days a week to using my truck and man.  If you know anyone with a stake bed truck who'd like to make a trip for us, we can pay the gas needed.
But the real message to you all today is once again to help us flood the Recycle Center with volunteers to get the job done!
We are having a small crew going Thursday at 11:30am for 2 hours and more volunteers that day would be nice.  Victoria will be there to indoctrinate volunteers to the 'new' sorting scheme we have   implemented.
Also, our regular Saturday event will take place again this coming week, August 10, .. so PLEASE bring a friend and let's get things under control again.  Donate an hour or 2..
As an update to all who have helped make this program work, we have, as of last week, 
sold 28,368 kg. of recycle material. Glass, cardboard and plastics.. That is 31 tons of material that WAS NOT BURIED in the local dump .. you all can be proud that!
Please feel free to share this message.
See you Saturday ... (we're starting at 10am to allow for the morning rains to end)
Tom and the entire Ajijic Citizens Recycle Committee
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15 hours ago, Dab said:

What is the exact location of the recycling center?  I can probably help out this winter when I'm in Lakeside.


Heading west on the carreterra go past La Canacinta and there is that new development on the north side called La Puebalita with all the colorful signs? Just right past that on the north side.

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Is there any plan in the future to recycle compostable plastic bags.  I notice more stores are starting to use these.  Also, a Mexican wine called "California", which is in a tetra box says "reciclame" on the carton.  It would be great if these, along with tetra boxes for milk could be recycled (as many people use these), as well as paper.  I know paper is the least valuable item, and currently I take mine to a place just as you enter Chapala as they take it and I don't expect any payment for it, although they do show above the place that they pay for paper.

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