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Tajin....Sprinkle it on EVERYTHING

Bisbee Gal

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In other parts of Mexico, but not so much here, many restaurants offer free salty/sour/spicy seasoned jicama sticks (and sometimes cucumber sticks) when you first sit down.   For years I tried to replicate this at home with lime juice and salt and dried chiles, but my attempts were never as good as what we've been served.

A few months ago, I bought a jar of Tajin.  Duh!!!  THIS is that exact seasoning we've enjoyed on our jicama sticks at eateries around Mexico.  And no mess...the lime crystals are in the mix, along with coarse salt and crushed Mexican chiles.  

I am sprinkling it on veggies and fruits (wonderful on mango).  It is exceptional on fish and shrimp, before they hit the grill.  I slathered a salmon fillet with local honey and hit it with a generous amount of Tajin....it got a wonderful crunch on the hot grill from the sugar in the honey and great flavor from the Tajin.  Its heat index isn't that high (by my standards), but the chile flavor is definitely there.  

I may be the last person to "discover" Tajin, but wanted to post in case others have not tried it.

WARNING: It is addictive.  



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On 8/3/2019 at 8:16 PM, gringohombre said:

PLEASE: where to buy lakeside? I have been using Alpont Selecctión de Chiles that come in a small jar with a grinder top from the Walmart spice section. It is basically dried chili pepper that I sprinkle on almost everything but this might even be better. Gracias.

You would be hard pressed to find a tienda large or small that doesn't carry it.

I prefer the pack of small bottles because once opened the humidity here turns it into a block in no time.

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