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Tony’s Butcher Shop

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Ack, Mexican shops never put signs up. They just expect you to "know".

So I went to "El Torre" in Chapala, which is on the first street past the Soriana supermarket as you are leaving town. People here have posted about it before. I asked him for chuletas, he saw me eyeing the very small and thin chops on display, asked me (in Spanish) if I wanted them thicker (grueso); returned with a big slab, asked me how thick and cut off four (what I would call) tomachops. Cheaper than I'm used to paying, because the longer bones and added meat still came to the same price as Tony's for four normal thick chops. And the extra pork and fat on the extended bone was a great gnaw at the end of the meal. I should have asked for bacon, as others have said theirs is really good.



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35 minutes ago, tomgates said:

Costco (Galerias) usually has a whole bone-in pork loin roast, about 8 bones or 2 K. 

What is this thing with you and Costco? ComputerGuy has posted a picture of a superb chunk of pork cut to his specs right before his eyes in a place where a lot of people can even walk too and probably way cheaper than Costco portion cut. Why would anyone in their right mind bother driving to Guadalajara. By the way, that's not the only butcher shop that does wonders right here. It's a beauty ComputerGuy!

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1 minute ago, Yo1 said:

I MUCH prefer pork shoulder steaks to chops.  They are less dry and much more flavor.  Where did you find them here, happyjillin?

Several places in Chapala. Most butchers know what to do when I take a printed  picture of one, show it and tap my shoulder and they get the idea.

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7 minutes ago, slainte39 said:

Probably Costco...……...knowing him--------------LOL 

I have never been to Costco but my wife goes with a friend 2-3 times a year and gets their garlic sausage. Canadian pickled herring and recently their rib eye. Oh! I forgot paper products cleaning fluid and extra virgin olive oil.


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