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Transfering of funds

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Yes.  We do it all the time, but it's generally not free unless your Mexican bank is owned by or has some arrangement with a US Bank.  Banamex, for example, is owned by Citibank and transfers are free (and relatively easy) from your Citi account to Banamex.  (We closed out the Banamex account for other reasons: they can be rather difficult to deal with face-to-face.).  Now we use Multiva and transfer from our USAA acct (for $45 per international wire transfer).

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Wouldn´t it be best if you called your US bank and ask them since you say you used to use Capital One and we don´t even know what bank you are talking about now.

It´s hard enough to get accurate information on these chat boards when all the information is put forth, even less so, when people have to start guessing to fill in the blanks.

I certainly would call my bank before I would start getting advice here on money transfer matters.

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I wire money from my Seattle Bank of America, or Merrill Lynch accounts to my Ajijic Actinver bank or now, brokerage account several times per year. Before I did so, I got wiring instructions from My Actinver banker/broker. I then pass these instructions on to my Seattle bank or broker and tell him/her how much I would like wired to my Mexican account.

Yes it was a bit confusing at first, but I have been doing it for 20 years now and have not had any problems

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