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Thanks for all your help. It turned out to be..i won't mention names but a computer store off libramiento behind pemex where they took my original copy of windows 10 off my computer while in there for a sydsinc issue. I began to get a strange message telling me to activate my windows 10. You should never get this message with an original  copy of windows 10. Called the store and told them what was going on and was told they had to put that on and the big black blotch and scratch on my screen was a patch for the bootleg copy of windows 10 and to bring it in every 3 months and they would make sure it was ok. When computer went black i called and was told over the phone my harddrive was bad. How does one know without looking? I was told"experience " took it in harddrive was replaced replaced yet not told bootleg copy couldn't do updates. Therefore when windows update of 7/17 failed due to components and something else i forget now as i was obsessively trying to fix this myself last night while majorly ill it took out my samsung phone with it. Meanwhile as i was laying here passing in and out from fever my family could not get hold of me in any way and my sister new how sick i was. They panicked which taught me a good lesson...make sure family has emergency numbers here. I dont know why i didnt think of that. Saddest part of the whole thing is that when i met the person he was so nice and fixed my computer so well but he was walking and told me he had no car and how nice it would be when they got a car for business. I desperately need a car but i do have one that works some. My friend was leaving to move back to B.C. and was going to give me her car. I asked her to give it to these people who had taken over a computer business who needed it more than i. I had told the man i was completely computer illiterate  which i am no longer. I went back  to discuss this matter with the gentleman that owns the store and when he figured out i knew what he did he 86'd me from his store. Hope he enjoys the car. At times i dont like being blonde in this town. I have been coming here since i was 8 yrs old to my grandmothers home i am living in now. I loved so much the beautiful native people then and the loving warm beautiful ones now. It has been a little sad for me to see it now after not being here in 30 years though i still love my memories of long ago and my new found friends here now and the peace and serenity i find sitting on the terraza at night in lower chula vista that had only 5 houses when i first came to visit in 1962. Also almost 0 cars no telephones but a ham radio at the only motel in chula vista, san antonio area. All changes some good some bad....doesnt matter where you go...just so grateful to be born in the era that i was. Thank you universe. Hope the man enjoys  his free car.

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