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Berry seller in front of Licores Paz

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1 hour ago, canmex87 said:

He also owns the liquor store.

Not so......

Leopoldo "Polo" Paz is the owner of Superlake.   Gilberto Paz is the owner of Licores Paz.

Brothers, good relationship, but each has his own business.  Their nephew Francisco "Pancho" is down in Riberas, also separate.  A niece has Super Lara on the Plaza in SAT.

Pancho´s father has Lety´s seafood restaurant in SAT.  A third brother, Mario, used to have Mario´s restaurant in SAT, but now it is owned by his cuñado Jaime.  A cousin Roberto Paz, has the pollería on Ramon Corona and his suegra has the cenaduria in the same block.

Rose Bowl Mall, Leopoldo principal, and several minor relative partners.


This is just the start of the Paz present day dynasty in SAT,  and I could go on all night.



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1 hour ago, SunFan said:

And where does the charming Noami fit in to the family?



Daughter of Gilberto.


All businesses in Mexico get as many family names as possible into the mix so as to divide up the profits and keep them in the lower tax brackets as ISR (income tax) is very progressive in Mexico.  I know one popular business even though it is a one person enterprise has 32 "owners".

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OK....speculation time over.  I talked with Sra. Cecilia (we're reasonably close neighbors) and she said she has terminated her service for health reasons which she disclosed, but that's nobody else's business. Her husband  owns a little store, Super Luz, at the corner of Ramon Corona and Ramon Velazquez in SAT and he says he will try and have berries etc. there on Fridays and Saturdays. But it's a little out of the way for most.

No.... she has no plans to return......  and will miss her!

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Hi everybody. I am Cecilia, the woman who sold berries outside Licores Paz.

I miss everybody also, I will not sell berries at that location more.


Now I will be at Minisuper Luz with my husband. It's our business. It's a grocery store.

I hope you visit us! It's at the corner of Ramón Corona and Ramón Velazquez in SAT  2 blocks down from Sunrise Restaurant.

We have good prices the same or better service and any question you can write me at minisuperluz@hotmail.com.


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