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Emissions Testing Again!

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29 minutes ago, Mainecoons said:

But then I found this, same place!


2 different messages allegedly from the same ministry but the first message is the one that is constant in the Jalisco media including the English media. In any event and all the banter aside,there is no testing here and if you're in the position of not being here and relying on other persons to get it done,unless they are a very a good friend they will charge you way more than the test costs to take your vehicle into an alleged test station in Guadalajara and bring it back.

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53 minutes ago, ibarra said:


This is the official website.  Scroll down and you will see pictures of the emissions stickers.  Last year available is 2018.  I can't help but feel if, there actually are 2019 stickers available, they would have a picture of the sticker as it is July, 2019.  Also, the last I read in the July 15, 2019 issue of the Guadalajara Reporter, the cost for the new test which includes the sticker, when equipment and locations are determined, will be approximately 500 pesos.  That statement was made by the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro.   (copied from an earlier post "Cost of sticker included 200 pesos for Guadalajara site visit/sticker")




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