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We had solar installed about 8 years ago and have been very happy with it (love those low bills!). While our bills have usually been at or near the minimum with the configuration we have, we've been planning to install a few a/c splits and that will up our usage...time to add another inverter and solar panels. I contacted Opiere and set up an appointment with Nyah Walters. Wow! He was knowledgeable, professional, and actually fun to deal with. We pretty much knew what we wanted before we even met up, but it was nice to not feel pressured. Long story short, the crew came--every bit as professional as you could hope for--the setup was installed and we're very happy campers. Our property was left immaculately clean afterwards. If you're considering having solar, I very highly recommend Opiere.

www.opiere.com  ventasa@opiere.com  331 400 2646

(FWIW, no, we don't get anything for giving them a plug. It's just nice to be able to give positive reviews for companies that truly deserve them.)

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The  board of directors of Have Hammer Will Travels woodworking school wants to  thank Opiere solar for their professional and excellent installation of our solar panels.

They have the best electricians can handle any problem.

When we ere getting quotes several some solar providers found are installation completed and told us to get our own electrician

Opiere loves  helping the kids at the school. .we have 12 .solar panels. need 17 

Opiere solar will give the school  a solar panel if you mention Have Hammer Will Travel school and that  you saw my post. when you get your installation.

That's a great way to make a donation to the school and give us a solar panel , without having to take cash out of your pocket.


If want want to help the woodworking  school Have Hammer. you can also put your items on consignment at Todo Bueno resale shop in Riberas  on the mountain side next S6S auto.

stop say hello , watch the students learning life skills our school is connected to Todo Bueno.


Three cheers for Opiere solar YeH! Whoopi, yahoo!


Thank for helping the kids, you have a big heart










have hammers logo long webpage 2.JPG

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We just bought a house in Ajijic with solar panels installed by eSolar (which doesn't exist anymore, for newbies like me)... It seemed that it would be nearly impossible to change the CFE account because they were asking for so many things... Until I stooped by Opiere Solar. They were on the issue immediately and provided everything I needed!!! They can even do it for you and save you the 6-8 trips to CFE that I've had to take.

If you just bought or are buying a house with a solar system, or want to get a system, I highly recommend Opiere! We will certainly go to them when we wan t to expand our system...

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So glad to hear that so many of you had very good outcomes with Opiere solar especially with Nyat Walters.  I unfortunately had a very bad experience with Jonathan who claims he is the owner of Opiere Solar.  

I have been into solar since I sailed down from San Diego in November 1996 from On my boat to when I moved to my current coastal residence in Jalisco.  I happily installed my Outback system and gradually it grew beyond the limits of my system .  I purchased 2- SMA Sunny Boy 6 is inverters in the U.S. and Jonathon was recommended to decommission  the Outback and install the SMA system and add 20 new panels.  The installation went well with the exception of problems with my backup Generac standby generator.  The Generac worked flawlessly for several years until the change to the new system.  I called Jonathan and he and his engineer checked the wiring and pronounced no problems with the installation.  I continued to have problems and lost many electronics due to voltage spikes when grid power was lost and the Generac kicked in.  It was a couple of years later and several electricians later that it was discovered that a neutral wire associated with the Generac was discovered wrapped with white electrical tape and tucked behind a bundle of wires in the main electrical panel.  When it was connected the Generac problem resolved finally I've had no problems since after losing several thousand dollars in replacing sensitive electronics.  I suspect that it was Jonathan's installation as the electrical tape was white and the same used on the new installation.  

Another problem was that after approximately 2 years after the changeover I had a problem with one of the inverters and called Jonathan.  He responded that he needed $500USD deposit for a site visit!!!!  After exploring several options I reluctantly agreed.  He instructed me that before he scheduled a visit he wanted me to wire the money to his PERSONAL account not Opiere Solar??????   Once again I reluctantly went to my bank and arranged the transfer however they needed to do the transfer in pesos which at the time was about 9450 pesos.

When Jonathan and his engineer arrived they spent about 2 hours and declared that the problem was not with his panels or the installation (supposedly what his warranty covered) but with the inverter.  

Meanwhile my wife went to the bank to withdraw pesos for another project and discovered that the bank mistakenly wired Jonathan 10 times the amount of about 95,450 pesos!!  Jonathan never alerted us to the mistake and when I requested he return the excess he said he had to deduct 16% as he had to pay that amount to Hacienda to not trigger a major investigation into possible money laundering.  He did return the excess less 16% but when I asked that he assist me in getting the money returned he refused saying it was my problem.  He also refused sending me a copy of the paperwork he submitted to Hacienda and he refused to do so stating his accountants and lawyer stated he had no responsibility to do so.  So as it has turned out it cost me over $1200 USD for a two hour on site visit with no resolution!!!!

When I contacted SMA to find out how to exercise the warranty they first needed to connect thru the internet to my faulty inverter.  Upon doing so the technician remotely did an analysis and determined that it was not a faulty inverter and proceeded to correct the problem and stated that the installer Jonathan should have been able to do the same when he diagnosed the problem.  The technician also hooked me up to SMA international and now I get daily reports by email of all stats regarding my system.  

I wrote this lengthy description to alert customers using Opiere Solar or those looking into solar installations.  My few conversations with Nyat  when I couldn't reach Jonathan were pleasant but I received scathing messages from Jonathon to never call the offices!!!  What did I get for the declared 10 year warranty??

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