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Rug cleaning

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what kind of rug woven, knotted commercial? If they are nice rugs the oriental rug cleanersotherwise something like Sring clean sould be able to do it.. If they are the ones from Oaxaca I ended up washing them in the patio but if you have red and whites it is not a good idea as the red will run..even with cold water only..

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I used Spring Clean once and they did a fair job on my one medium size short-nap rug for $600. Now, I get a bucket of warm water, the spray rug and fabric cleaner for people with mascotas and a scrubby push broom and do it myself. After I finish I use an old towel to soak up any excess water and dirt, turn a big fan on it, and it's cleaner and fresher than when the pro's did it. I do miss my upright Hoover carpet cleaner, but we make adjustments to live in beautiful Chapala.

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Soap and water scrubbing with a push broom, on a slightly slanted pavement, and then squeegee the excess water with a garden hoe.  As it dries, use the hoe and/or brush to dress the fibers.  That's the way they do it in the Middle East.

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