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BBVA online access problems this week

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I'd noticed the new look of the Bancomer website with the change to BBVA the past few weeks but everything still worked the same until this week when I could no longer sign in to my account with my laptop or cell phone.  It told you to repeatedly change your password and then said that the details entered were wrong on both devices, so I went in yesterday.  The bank manager told me she had been having an uptick in clients coming in with web problems.  She said that only the logo had been changed on the website but I think they tinkered with some other details too.  She said that "automatic 24 hour format" in settings was paramount and that had never been a requirement in the past.

So this was the procedure to fix everything:
First delete and reinstall the app on your phone, choose a new passcode that's 8 to 10 digits, 6 digits are no longer any good, and if your phone settings do not include "automatic 24 hour format," turn that on.  With all that done, she was able to sign me in to the desktop version in the bank with one final change of password which was now accepted with the app fixed.

I went home and tried it on my laptop and of course I got back into that same loop!  The cell phone worked fine though.  So I deleted all browsing history on the laptop, made sure it too (Google settings) was set to "automatic 24 hour format," and then the new password from yesterday worked.

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I was just able to get online on my iMac now. It was changing pages in an odd way, and in fact didn't ask for my password, but still wanted the code from the token. I was able to change my password from 7 to 8 digits successfully. I have always had to use Chrome as the browser, not Safari for this site. I notice the URL is bbva.mx now. Good luck!

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