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Just a caution about the skylights--whoever you have install them, do NOT get the big sheet of tinted,  thick glass that is cemented into the roof.  When I bought our house (in the winter) I had no idea exactly how much those pieces of glass would act like magnifying glasses and increase the heat in our home.  My first hot season in the house I measured 110F  on the floor in the area directly beneath the glass skylights, and  103F  in a circle around that area.  Incredibly uncomfortable, and our internal house temp was in the high 90sF.

I had all 7 of the 1 meter square sheets of glass removed, and, in place I had "casitas" installed.  They look like concrete boxes turned upside-down with glass blocks on all 4 sides, east-west-north-south.  That reduced the internal temp of my home down to about 83F.  Then when I had the roof repainted white my internal daytime temps average about 77F  in May and June.  


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I have had two rather large skylights since 2006. So far no leaks. But we check for potential problems and would use caulking compound should we find a potential fault.  And, yes, eventually I will probably have a leak or three  :)

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