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lawn roller

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I found this by using the search option on this site. It is from 2013

"When we built our house in Riberas we brought in nearly 100 loads of fill dirt. Our workers used something called a "bailarina" (English "dancer") to compact the dirt. This machine goes up and down, kind of like a jack hammer but it has a round disk to compact with. They can be rented where they rent andamios like the place in Riberas on the highway, lakeside. Of course, you won't use it yourself! Looked pretty intimidating to me."

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Tooooooo noisy! And, if the OP just wants to smooth out a LAWN while the ground is wet during the rainy season, those machines would beat it to death. Sorry, OP, I can't help you but some enterprising Mexican could with an empty oil drum (to be filled with water) and an improvised handle welded to it. Ask Beto at El Tempisque. He loves a challenge.

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