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Which crossing in Nogales

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Mariposa seems to be most popular, but you can also go through town, if you wish to stop to eat, visit a bank ATM, or shop at the mall. Either way will put you on 15 and 15D southbound. Mariposa, will be faster than through town.

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Of course. You will do that at Banjercito. (However, you only have approval for a visa.) First, you will get your 'canje', when you present your passport, with your consular visa approval, at the INM (Immigration) location.  Both will be quite convenient to each other, and quite obvious at any border crossing.  If in doubt, simply ask the first border agent when you stop to enter Mexico.

By the way: You do not "register your car". You will get a 30 day "Importada Temporal" for your vehicle.  When you report to INM at your destination, within those 30 days, you will need to notify Aduana of your pending status change, since you will be in process (en tramite) to get the actual residence visa from INM, which may take a month, or three. Meanwhile, you will have a letter of 'tramite', with internet contact information and password, for you to monitor the progress.  You may use that letter as a temporary immigration document for travel within Mexico until your actual visa is issued. You might find it convenient to employ Spencer (Chapala Law) to help you with the process, as his office is nearby to the Chapala INM office, within a block, on the other side of the street.

Enjoy your trip.

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If RV's comments weren't clear, you should report to Aduana for the car permit "tie" to your pending Temporal visa. Aduana will not be co-located with INM usually.

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