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Wyndham resort in Aijijic

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Not being rhetorical, but how can anyone simply build a development near any body of water without having a means of dealing with the waste, generated by a facility that will likely end up housing over 200 residents plus support staff, to say nothing of the electricity and domestic water needs? This boggles the mind. It seems that they must have SOME sort of accommodations for these issues included somewhere in their development plan. So once plans for this sort of project are approved and given permits, does the local jurisdiction maintain any sort of record version on file for public review?

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Sorta good to hear. Unfortunately, if they've adopted anything resembling the irresponsible BS exercised in much of the U.S., waivers and inadequate facility capacity reviews often lead to systems being approved that are woefully inadequate and ultimately fail, sometimes right from the start. While it certainly is possible to build in a way that creates no additional waste or storm water loads for existing infrastructure, even if they did, that still leaves the issue of how to move those additional people in and about town, as well as supplying their new construct.

Ultimately, is there actually a "need" for such a development? I mean are hotel rooms in the area that hard to come by? The hospitality industry on the whole has struggled, and a lot of their past profits were derived through real estate ownership and acquisitions, but generally an organization like Wyndham isn't in the habit of building new facilities in places where they will likely stay vacant.

I'm a Luddite at heart, one who generally eschews change, particularly regarding development of sensitive areas, but if not them then who. Also, somebody sold them the land to start all of this, so it doesn't seem that they somehow used gov't influence the way they do it in the States, to simply steal private property through eminent domain.  Guess I need to do some more reading...

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Some ofthat is a big controversy right now.. yes you need to do a whole lot more reading about land around Ajijic and lakeside in general.. read about ejido and communal land and change of zoning that are illegal done by past governments that the current government is refusing to change and how the ex presidente  is still part of the council and on and on..

You will get a real education about corruption in Mexico.

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