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Tips on crossing the border

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9 minutes ago, Herman said:

We are ready. Crossing in Nogales with temporary visas. Driving my car. Any tips to make it smoother?

Preapproved Residente Temporal 6 month visa attached in your passport from a Mexican Consulate? Not a Residente Temporal visa/card you recieved from your local INM office? Clarify please.

Usually this type of post would be located in the other category under Customs and Immigration.

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13 minutes ago, Herman said:

What’s the difference?


14 minutes ago, Herman said:

Went to Consulate 

The process to enter Mexico is different and important you do it correctly and applying for a TIP is different.

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40 minutes ago, Herman said:

I’ll wing it. Thanks anyway 

If you need information here it is:

Once a person is approved at a Mexican Embassy or Mx. Consulate they are given a 6 month pre-approval for either a Residente Temporal or Residente Permanente visa in their passport. This is non negotiable once you enter Mexico legally by getting this visa stamped when entering Mexico and request a 30 day "canje" FMM card. In otherwords the Mexican Embassy or Mx. Consulate has completed Step 1 in the processing of you immigrating to Mexico. The local INM office only is responsible to process Step 2. The local INM office does not question the Mexican Embassy´s or Mx. Consulate´s requirements to recieve the visa in your passport. They only process the visa and when in Mexico swap [exchange] the "canje" FMM card [your now legal immigration document to be in Mexico legally] to the status you are already pre-approved for outside Mexico for the actual RT or RP visa/card. As long as you follow the rules this is how it works. You have 30 days after entering Mexico to go to your local INM - Mexican Immigration office - with your online request form you filled out at the INM website in their "Tramites" section. You are applying to have your Step 2 of getting a Residente Temporal visa/card. With this request form printed out and your stamped 6 month visa in your passport and the 30 day "canje" FMM card you recieved when entering Mexico you handed into them you simply follow their instructions to recieve your RT card. Very easy to do.

The car needs to have a TIP which you have to get at the border after you get your 30 day "canje" FMM card. You cannot apply online for a 180 TIP because there is no option to get a 30 day TIP for people in your situation. It needs to be done at the  border. Others might say you can get a 180 day TIP online but you can't. You will be breaking the law.

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4 minutes ago, Ferret said:


I think Herman has received your good advice before in these threads... I think he's good to go and was just looking for any updates.


I didn't realize this. Maybe the quick review I posted might be useful to some readers possibly. I wish him good luck.

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