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3 Construction Questions: Walls & Fill Dirt

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The thick tall retaining walls of Chula Vista and Chula Vista Norte: Does anyone know the cost per 20 lineal meters and 2 meters high. They appear to be built of rock and cement, perhaps 75 cm thick. Cost per cubic meter?

Fill dirt per cubic meter: Does anyone know the approximate cost of fill dirt by the dumptruck load, perhaps 10 cubic meters? I will need five  truckloads.

Top soil truckloads? Cost per cubic meter?

Anyone have a source for meeting these pre-construction needs?

Many thanks.


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Wow! Thats a goods question? I think they charge x m3, but all depends how thick you liked, and the prices change to! But in my opinion you need a good inspection to make you retaining wall, and have a better idea, and try to get a good Contractor or Enginering, my contractor make 1 retaining wall whit a france draing, and he make my stone wall like 18ml x 5 higth, and the thick he start the foundation 1.5 and finish in 1m. And install rods ins diferents areas whit concrete! They make 5 concrete columns to. If you need more info send me a PM. Saludos. 

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Good idea, Geeser, and very on point. Thanks.

I wonder if any posters can update me:

Costs of construction per square meter (or square foot) for 2019, and whether construction costs have accelerated upward the last two years or are steady. Eg. I imagine cement has risen 10%.. 

Medium grade construction costs = ?  ______  pesos per sq meter.

Medium grade construction/higher grade amenities = ? ______________  pesos per sq meter.

Top grade ( excellent contractor who knows all the places in Guadalajara to select materials) = ? _____________  pesos per sq meter.

Thank you.

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You need to talk to an engineer or architect. There is no such thing as a contractor in Mexico. Anyone who claims to be is un licensed. Walls are built with stone morter and rebar with concrete at regular intervals. I know of walls that are 3 meters thick at the bottom. The walls in Chula Vista Norte were built by the lot owners. Many different architects. Choose carefully and ask to see their previous work. Many walls lakeside are poorly built and will fail at some time. Prices have gone up in the last 3 years. Inflation in Mexico is about 3%.

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