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Hard boiled eggs

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Just a few of the chickens he has. He also has dwarf nubian milking goats. As a matter a fact he just has a new baby goat born 2 days ago. What a cutie! 

He has quite a set up. Honey bees, sells seasonal fruit and veggies, a pecan orchard, peach orchard and lives on the Guadalupe River in Texas near Blanco.  He also sells organic goat milk. His best goat milk customers are mother's who buy for their children. They come from Dallas area, Houston and San Antonio just for his milk. 

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8 hours ago, More Liana said:

CG et al, do you run them under cold purified water or under regular tap water?  

The deviled eggs in the photo are deviled quail eggs.  I made four dozen, and I will never ever ever make them again.  Delicious, but omg the work to peel them.  

I don't have a purification system, so I takes my chances. Good news is that specialists say once the water has evaporated, there is nothing left to infect us. Have not had a problem.

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I think the ICE bath with real ice cubes floating in it is the trick. Never had a problem in Canada because the water is so friggin' cold coming out of the tap. Here, depending on the season, it can be luke warm to very warm. In the house we rented on the coast during construction, the water from a tinaco was HOT in the afternoon. As a result, I learned to shop and have my veggies soaking with Microdyn before 10 am. YMMV.

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1 hour ago, AngusMactavish said:


"Hard eggs" has another meaning so I hand it to whoever put that sign up, lol. My wife likes her fried eggs with the yolk cremated. So one day after opening our BnB she asks Rosario, our cook, how to ask for them in Spanish,  Sly smile and then "Huevos duros".  We invited our attorney over for breakfast a week or so later and my wife proceeds to order, you guessed it. Rosario couldn't contain herself and beat feet back to the kitchen. Abogado asks "Who told you that phrase?" "Don't ever use it again." I found out the slang meaning and understood why he gave that advice, LOL.

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Interesting read.  This restaurateur methodically tested various approaches using 700 eggs.  His results disproved many long-held beliefs (older eggs peel better; adding baking soda or vinegar or salt to the water helps peeling; ice water baths post boiling, etc.).  

In the end he found steaming the eggs was the best method for both improved peeling and tenderness of the egg itself. 


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I used a double boiler today to steam a dozen eggs. It's large enough to hold 8 eggs before stacking them, with lots of space. I boiled my water in a fast-boil coffee kettle (those things are amazing) and poured it into the pot, so it began to boil again pretty quickly. Then i did the 11-minute version. They came out perfectly cooked, at least the ones I have eaten so far!

But here's the final trick: as I explained before, and he doesn't say in his story, you peel them under cold running water. That way the water gets under the skin more easily, and the eggs actually peel properly. All of them. (I did cool them down in the pot under running water for 3 or 4 minutes.)

He also talks about American eggs, obviously, and our eggs are quite different, so I figured the method was bound to fail. But I was, happily, wrong.

Putting that pinhole in the fat end helps to make my yolks centred.

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17 hours ago, dennis clark said:

Tried the steaming method. Worked just ok. eggs did turn out good. The peeling was so so  4/6. 

Still can't figure how to get the yolk more centered for deviled eggs. 0/6.not even close.



Centering....a month ago I tried the "lay eggs on side for a few hours or overnight" method.  Only 4 eggs but they were much better centered.  Not sure if it was a big enough sample.  

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