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Lakeside Air Quality

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I was visiting my dentist this week and in the course of discussion and distraction from the pain he was inflicting...He mention that a Air Quality Study had been done at Lakeside and it was near the maximum danger level

I have been experiencing a shortness of breath and put it down to the altitude and age. But given the tremendous increase of traffic I am sure the quality of air in Ajijic etc has worsen and we maybe experiencing the inversions experienced in Guadalajara.

What are your thoughts and experiences...

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Did by any chance the dentist mention who did the study? When they did the study?  And exactly what is "the maximum danger level"  The smog is easily visible when heading for GDL, but I never see visible smog entering lakeside from the South or North. Sometimes smoke from fires, that usually dissipates very quickly. 

And while there is increased traffic, there is also the fact that the newer cars pollute far less. In fact one fireplace or wood fired pizza oven pollutes as much as 1000 cars.  So if the air quality has worsened it's probably all those wood fired pizza ovens not the cars.  



I would guess that what you are experiencing is indeed altitude and age.

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I have had some sneezing issues a couple of times but I chalked that up to the blooming flowers as I have a bunch outside my window.

I spent all of May in GDL and the air pollution there is real, and bad. Everything in my casa was coated with fine black particulates daily. I finally went to Grainger and bought some good 3m respirator masks. That made it tolerable but I would never live there or spend more than a couple of days there again.

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