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Telmex optical fiber

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I have been asked to give a presentation on the Telmex fiber option for our Council meeting this coming Saturday. If anyone here has EXPERIENCE working with Telmex in a condo environment with underground utilities, I would appreciate input on the following (sending a PM is fine):

  • How many houses in your condo?
  • Cost for bringing Telmex fiber into your development, up to the houses?
  • If installed already, what speeds you're getting at houses with fiber?
  • Who your contact person is at Telmex so we can get in touch for info and a quote?

All responses are optional, of course, and any additional input would be helpful for me to discuss with our residents and Council members. Thanks!


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8 hours ago, ComputerGuy said:

You should contact the Administrator at Birds of Paradise. They just went through this. And most definitely do not give that presentation until after you have lined up that contact.

Well, I'm just going to explain to them what I've heard so far... not an in-depth presentation. Hoping to get a contact so OUR administrator can get in touch to find out more and possibly get quotes. I don't necessarily need that by Saturday. Hoping to have whatever info I can to give them some idea of what's going on with other developments. Thanks for any input.

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1 hour ago, ComputerGuy said:

Not since they got it, no problem calls to me. But some wag on this board says he is getting 50 "out west" with TelMex fibre. I asked for a little more info, but none forthcoming yet.

Well, the "wag" is back, Mike.

"Out west" in Arroyo Alto. Tested about 10 minutes ago.


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According to Playboy's Unabashed Dictionary, "wag" is a compliment. Well, listen: people in your area must be ecstatic. Is it a fracc install, or just part of TelMex's expansion, or... ? Because this bodes super-well for everyone who was feeling lost.

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