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Lost house cat on Ave. de la Ribera- his name is “Cheeto” (he is declawed). ORANGE CAT WITH AN ORANGE STAIN ON HALF OF HIS MOUSTACHE.

Please, if you see this cat, call us immediately. You can pick him up if you want and call us.chito_color.jpg.cfcdc322b7d4f368c43de2ca687e050e.jpg


376-106 2423; 3320947945; 3318556687; ilana@hfd.mx


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OK.... you've made exactly the right start.  Now....

(1)  if he is usually a totally indoor cat, he won't go as far as if he's indoor/outdoor.... so judge your search radius by that.

(2) start calling him now, of course (I'm assuming you have posters at each end of your block and on your house/garage door)

(3)  a little later when it gets dark ( a frightened cat will hunker down and hide), go out with a flashlight and a little bag(dish  of dry food or dry treats so you can call, shake the food,  stand still and LISTEN,  move along a bit, and repeat. 

(4)  Use the light to look into every single space he might be able to access, no matter if you think it's too small or not -- inside and then outside your yard.  I have found cats under hot water heaters that were standing right on the floor, behind a bucket leaning up against a wall under a table (cat was "standing" on its haunches, back up against the wall,  to fit into the space),  in the middle of bougainvillea shrubs, behind a washing machine (flashlight was the only aide), and many, many other places.

DO NOT GIVE UP!!   Many years ago a cat named Felix was lost from a vet clinic  in San Antonio.  People followed my advice.  Took a MONTH to find him,  in a vacant section of what is now El Parque.  But find him they did, and until very recently he happily lived with his family in Chapala Haciendas.  PLEASE let us know how it goes..... we cat and animal people all care.

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