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Mexican manners.


Course Fee: $250 MXN

Instructor: Alfredo Pérez

Course Dates: July 25, 2019

Course Time: Thursday, 10:00 -12:30 pm

Course Location: South Campus Board Room

Min/Max Students required: 11/40

Enrollment begins Jun 10 from 10:00 to 2:00 pm at the LCS Office

Enrollment ends July 20.

 Description: Cultural shock is a normal part of life when we move to another country whose habits are different, we have to observe and learn the local rules of urbanity, what body language issues are appropriate and which are not.

Why is the behavior of the inhabitants of the new place so different? What do local people expect from me as a new inhabitant of the area?

What phrases should I use and at what times?

What should I understand about the time structure of the local people so different from mine?

Why are the procedures with the authorities so complicated? And a long list of etc.


Our intention is to help you understand these basic and necessary questions for the real and adequate coexistence with your new neighbors.

Another way to know Mexico.


LCS Prueba México Program 2019

 LCS classes are not first come first serve, they are first payed first served.

 To sign up, make sure your membership is current and covers the duration of this course.

 Registration requires payment. There is no refund.

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