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Where to buy concrete pavers or flagstones for walkway

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i'm looking for those concrete pavers that they sell in Home Depot or Lowes (in the US), they are about 20" x 20" and 1 inch thick.  I was told to go over to the statue store near Tobogolandia , and she has them, but they are about 1 cm thick and I can't imagine them holding up very well.  In lieu of that I will take those big flat flagstones that can be used on a wall or on a walkway. Last resort is bricks.

These will not be set with mortar but will be a path of stepping stones, closely placed, and filled in with packed dirt. I am planning to do this myself.

On second thought,  do you know someone who would come in and lay the pavers/bricks, tamp them down and pack with sand?  Might be a lot easier that way. 



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Hi! You can find in Jocotepec the concrete pavers! They have diferents colors and desing, in they have the Flat Stone to! Of if you need some person how can find the concrete pavers or the flat stone, I have some person how can help you! Send me a PM, if you need more info! Saludos

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Re the above message.  The place in Joco that has concrete pavers (and we have bought some there) is located on the left side of the road as you are driving into Joco.  If you keep a lookout once you have passed the Pemex station on the right-hand side, you should see the store on the left side and they usually have a few pavers near the sidewalk (banqueta).  Hope this helps.

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