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Short changed twice at Walmart, count your change and look at your receipt

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20 hours ago, mudgirl said:

I don't do that because the cashier has to account for missing money in the till when it doesn't jive with the receipts. They'll either have to pay it out of their own pocket or likely get fired. It could be argued that they should get fired if they can't pay attention to the job they're being paid to do, but I'd not like to think some woman with a family to support had to cough up 300 pesos that she mistakenly handed me.

They have a third option when jerks take too much change that they don´t deserve, and that is, make it up on a future short change. So accepting too much change could cause a problem that human nature dictates a solution.

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Perhaps after you have been in Mexico a bit longer, if you make it, you will realize how foolish saying something like that makes you look to everyone within earshot. Think of it as "Losing Face" and

Best way to learn. 

Yes, we are so fortunate that the word "mordida" does not exist in Mexico! And better still, corruption is totally unheard of.

4 hours ago, helohfe said:

Carry enough Peso's in various denominations and 20+ peso's in change (coins) so that you count out the billed amount and then hit the road..Geez

If you can´t count the change, how could you count the initial payment in small money either?:017:

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When we first arrive lakeside from north of the border, most all of us depend upon the ATMs for our money. And I think most all of the ATMs spit out (when one asks for 1,2,3 or whatever thousand pesos) one 100 peso bill, two 200 peso bills and the remainder in 500 peso bills.

And we all know that one way to insure that you are not short changed is to pay close to the amount owed.  I couldn't do that until I finally got a bank and brokerage account in Mexico. Now when I get my 2000 pesos of spending money, I get maybe five 20s, four 50s and the remainder in 100 and 200 peso bills. (but almost never 500 peso bills)

Now I am usually able to pay so close to the amount owed that it doesn't take much effort to ensure one is not shortchanged.

The above system works for me. You might want to try it and see if works for you.  Yes, I know, folks are now posting about how one banking chain in Mexico has been ripping their clients off. So far, I have been lucky, now that I have a bank account. (no major problems)

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