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In search of FOOT SURGEON

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I am in search of an extremely qualified foot surgeon. I recently had my left foot operated on by a doctor who came highly recommended from a local clinic. The surgery turned out terribly; my metatarsal and great toe do not touch the ground anymore so my balance is severely compromised. Since he came so highly recommended, I am hesitant to put myself in the care of another orthopedic surgeon. 

I would like to hear from people who have successfully had foot surgery from a competent physician. 

1. Does anyone know of Dr. Agustin Toscano Barragán He works out of Hospital Rossete. Avenida Circunvalación Division del Norte 487, Monumental, 4320 Guadalajara

Dr. Daniel Sanchez DPM (works at the same clinic at Barragan)

2. Total Feet Podologos - Av. Puerto Melaque 1233, Santa Mariía, 44350 Guadalajara

3. Any other surgeons ???

I would also appreciate being steered away from a surgeon who had a questionable reputation. Feel free to PM me.

Sharon St. John-Mercik


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Dr. Mendoza at Centro Medical Puerta de Hierro, Guadalajara has impressed me and I've had way too much contact with foot surgeons over the years.  He did NOT operate but has a plan should it become necessary.  He trained with important foot and ankle surgeons in the U.S. and speaks excellent English.  Does knees as well, and maybe hips and shoulders?  I contact him through an American medical concierge, Lori Payne, whose email is lori.mymedicalconcierge@gmail.com.  I've had eight ankle surgeries over twenty years and though I hope never to have another one, I would go to Dr. Mendoza, if I had to have another one.  

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